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Frank in 1982.
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Frank was buried at the Mt. Jackson Cemetery, Mt. Jackson, VA on 5 January 2001. During his funeral, his son Frank Crum delivered a moving tribute to his father.

Frank Crum


If there is one statement about my father which cannot be argued, it is that is is one of the most striking examples of a man who made the most with the least.

Dad didn't start with anything in life, and life dealt him blow after blow as a child. Some people become bitter after experiences such as this and perpetuate them in the form of abuse. Not Frank Crum. He was a loving and caring husband, father, grandfather and friend to all in this room.

My father couldn't do things with me that most Dads can. He couldn't run with me or teach me to play sports. But it doesn't take two hands to cast a line in the lake, and it doesn't take two hands to swing a hammer. It takes neither arms nor legs to teach your son and daughter to use their heads. These are the gifts that Dad gave Delaina and I throughout his life.

Near his death, we taught each other how to use our hearts. During one of my last visits with him in the hospital, we were both in tears. Then a nurse came in to take his vital signs, and we both clammed up, like two macho men! Of course, that all changed when she left.

My family calls me "Bub". The last words my father whispered to me were "I love you, Bub". Every man grieves at the loss of his father, the man he looked up to his whole life. But not every man gets to hear "I love you" as his father's last words. The script usually isn't written that neatly. I was very lucky to hear those last words.

My father made many friends. He loved them all dearly. Everyone who knows Dad has their own special memories of him, and of course, I have plenty. My favorite is his ability to laugh. He might hear a joke and get a good laugh. Then he would think about it a few minutes and get tickled. Then he would laugh uncontrollably, until we were all in tears. It was like Harvey Korman on the old Carol Burnett Show. The entire skit would stop because Harvey couldn't go on! This happened to Dad, even on the air at WSIG! Dad brightened my life with his sense of humor.

If there's a life's lesson to be gained by my father's passing, it is this:

If you face adversity and feel you just can't prevail, think of Frank Crum who made the most with the least. Then use your head and your heart to find a solution. You may find that your hurdles aren't so hard to overcome...

I know I do.

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